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Esther Chuang

Esther is a church organist, singer, pianist, and Music Therapist who is based in Edinburgh. She started working with Stockbridge Church choir in 2018 and received organ lessons from Marion Lee McPherson, who was the organist and the music director at Stockbridge Parish Church. Since 2018, Esther plays for church services frequently, and also has experience in playing for ballet classes in Stockrbidge, as well as funeral services at Stockbridge Church and Edinburgh City Crematorium.

Esther is passionate about using music to help others in whatever way they need. She works as a Music Therapist most of the time during the week, working with a range of settings and people, such as neuro-rehabilitation for people with brain injuries, adolesents with additional needs, adults with mental health, and the elderly with dementa. Esther is also a qualified Singing for Lung Health Group Leader at The Warblers. (Singing for Lung Health Group is a singing group working with people experience breathlessness, such as COPD, asthma, long-Covid, or anxiety disorder). She currently leads a SFLH group in East Lothian/Museelburgh every Monday.

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