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51% of the world's population is female

10% of the permanent Directors of Music and Organists in English and Welsh Cathedrals are female

8% of the organists listed on one of the main UK organ recitals page are women

6% of recitalists at high-profile London venues in the first half of 2018 were female

1.9% of repertoire performed by 34 Anglican cathedral choirs across the UK from 1st-8th May 2022 was composed by women

Statistic 1: (November 2019)​

Statistic 2: (July 2020); (July 2020).

Of the 52 Cathedrals listed, most are Anglican, with a couple of Roman Catholic Cathedrals where there is a substantial music programme.

Statistic 3: (November 2019)

Statistic 4: (November 2019)

Statistic 5: this was calculated from the music lists published on the websites of the 34 Anglican cathedrals

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