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Tina Langeberg Phillips

Tina studied piano from an early age at the Nõmme Music School in Tallinn, Estonia, and gained a degree in choir conducting and music teaching at the Viljandi Culture Academy. She worked with a large number of children at the Nõmme Cultural Centre teaching singing and organising concerts.

She studied organ with Marika Kahar at the Kaarli Church (Charles Church) in the centre of Tallinn.

Tina came to England to study organ in London, but soon afterwards moved to Norway, where she worked as organist on the west coast and later in Oslo. She also did concert work and music teaching.

Returning to England, she held the position of organist at St. Barnabas, Beckenham, playing the Father Willis organ. In addition to her musical work, she also worked as an interpreter.

Now in Edinburgh, Tina is teaching piano and also composing music for piano, organ, and computer.

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